Weekend project by AMagill

I wanted to do some high-speed photography again, but my strobe controller wasn’t working properly. The lockout circuit wasn’t working, so it would trigger lots of times way too quickly to get one clean exposure. Rather than just debug and repair the circuit, I thought I’d make it better. I ended up ripping out all […]

P9070577a detail 2 Articulated female figure, Sukuma or related people, Tanzania by ann porteus, Sidewalk Tribal Gallery

Beautiful old weathered figure with a calabash carved and bound with leather as the lower torso. Wood is extremely light and weathered and has been repaired with strips of metal. Hair is fashioned from cord and wooden beads and cord is also used to bind the waist at the top of the gourd. The calabash […]

Southeast Bastion, Fort Pulaski National Monument, Cockspur Island, Georgia by Ken Lund

Following the War of 1812, President James Madison ordered a new system of coastal fortifications to protect the United States against foreign invasion. Construction of a fort to protect the port of Savannah began in 1829 under the direction of Major General Babcock, and later Second Lieutenant Robert E. Lee, a recent graduate of West […]

Ian at San Jose State air lab engine by wbaiv

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