47-366 Year4 The 350 Makes A Comeback by johngarghan

Take a photo every day in 2012 no restrictions no exceptions Back in October I reported the demise of my Flickr workhorse the Canon EOS 350 www.flickr.com/photos/johngarghan/6263928961/in/photostream and last week I thought I will give it one last try, I took it the Forresters Camera Repairs in Halesowen, As if by magic they changed the […]

Early Demise of a Cell Phone 1 by sjrankin

This morning I noticed Naomi’s iPhone 6s’ screen wasn’t lined up with the housing edge – eg, the phone’s battery has started to swell. Rather than have Naomi’s phone end up like both of my iPhone 5 phones (which I loved but they were both short-lived – see photo after next photo) and render her […]

Bristol Blenheim I ‘L6739 / YP-Q’ (G-BPIV) by Hawkeye UK

This is actually a Canadian built Bolingbroke, RCAF serial ‘10201’, which is now fitted with a genuine MkI Blenhiem nose. It represents ‘L6739’, a MkI of 23sqn in September 1939. She is seen in the safe hands of John Romain (a flying legend himself) at the 2016 Flying Legends Airshow. Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK. 10th July […]

modern cars by Robert Couse-Baker

We had to replace the battery of the Focus in a parking lot, which turned out to be slightly more complicated than expected. Everything is packaged tightly for maximum efficiency. You Tube tutorials on smart phones save the day with non-intuitive tricks and tips. #reconditioning #batteries car battery, #battery, rechargeable aa batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery […]

Gloucester Waterways Museum – Gloucester Docks – Level 1 – ‘Move It’ – model – Liverpool Lightearage Yard about 1935 by ell brown

At the Gloucester Waterways Museum at the Gloucester Docks. Level 1 – ‘Move It’. This area of the museum is on the ground floor behind the reception and gift shop area. Think I also noticed a small cafe inside. Mobile shots due to the low battery on my main camera. Model – Liverpool Lightearage Yard […]

Charleston – White Point Garden: Fort Sumter Memorial by wallyg

Confederate Defenders of Charleston, also known as the Fort Sumter Memorial or Fort Sumter Monument, created by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil and architectural firm Delano & Aldrich, was dedicated in the southeastern corner of White Point Garden on October 20, 1932. The 25-foot tall monument features an allegorical depiction of the Confederate defense of Charleston […]

iPod Autopsy by found_drama

“Rabbit Pod” disassembled while I attempt to perform a little surgery on it. Died on the operating table…? #reconditioning #batteries car battery, #battery, rechargeable aa batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, car batteries, nimh battery, battery doctor, battery reconditioning, battery repair, battery desulfator @BatteryReconditioningNew Home http://bit.ly/2uFo1SW

P9110643 by ann porteus, Sidewalk Tribal Gallery

Beautiful old weathered figure with a calabash carved and bound with leather as the lower torso. Wood is extremely light and weathered and has been repaired with strips of metal. Hair is fashioned from cord and wooden beads and cord is also used to bind the waist at the top of the gourd. The calabash […]

View from the Breach Wall, Fort Pulaski National Monument, Cockspur Island, Georgia by Ken Lund

Following the War of 1812, President James Madison ordered a new system of coastal fortifications to protect the United States against foreign invasion. Construction of a fort to protect the port of Savannah began in 1829 under the direction of Major General Babcock, and later Second Lieutenant Robert E. Lee, a recent graduate of West […]

USS San Diego (CL-53), Light Cruiser, WWII by photolibrarian

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia History Name:San Diego Namesake:City of San Diego, California Builder:Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation’s Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts Laid down:27 March 1940 Launched:26 July 1941 Sponsored by:Grace Legler Benbough Commissioned:10 January 1942 Decommissioned:4 November 1946 Reclassified:CLAA-53, 18 March 1949 Struck:1 March 1959 Identification: Hull symbol:CL-53 Hull symbol:CLAA-53 Code letters:NCDF ICS November.svgICS Charlie.svgICS […]