OPTIMA Battery Quality

OPTIMA batteries manufactures the highest quality absorbed glass mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries. You can maximize the performance and lifespan of your battery by keeping it properly-charged. Watch this video to learn how to identify a quality battery charger and how to properly-maintain your battery. Learn more about OPTIMA batteries and chargers at www.optimabatteries.com May 18, […]

How Much is Vaughn Gittin Jr worth?

Who really knows the answer to how much Vaughn Gittin Jr is worth, besides Vaughn Gittin Jr. himself? Some websites will throw numbers out like $1 million, $10 million or $20 million, but what do you know about the website posting those numbers? It’s not like it’s Vaughn’s CPA putting those numbers on their company […]

Is Ford Still Making the Focus RS?

The Ford Focus RS showed up in 2016 and enthusiasts like Mike Gallagher couldn’t have been happier, but Gallagher wasn’t satisfied to leave well enough alone. He has continually modified & upgraded his Ford Focus RS since acquiring it, as he competes in OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car, presented by Advance Auto Parts. […]

Graham Bowlin | 5.12.20 | Charlotte, NC | Coca Cola NASCAR Series

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How do you catch bass in May?

OPTIMA-sponsored Bassmaster champion & defending MLF champion, Edwin Evers gives his tips on how to catch bass in May. Edwin will show you some of his favorite lures and will talk about how conditions impact his lure choice. See more Edwin Evers content for free on the OPTIMA Network on Amazon Fire TV. Download the […]

High Performance House Call- @Mopar1Darrell

OPTIMA’s High Performance House Call series takes Chris Jacobs of Overhaulin’ fame on a virtual visit of OPTIMA Brand Ambassador, Darrell Reese’s shop in Ohio. Darrell is well-known on Instagram as @Mopar1Darrell and runs a brand called Far From Stock. You can watch the entire High Performance House Call series free anytime on the OPTIMA […]

mophie powerstation wireless XL

The 10,000mAh powerstation wireless XL lets you wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled devices with just the push of a button. Hear more from Angie Petty: @apettymusic on Instagram Angiepetty.com “Something Special” on Apple Music look or Spotify Learn more at https://www.zagg.com/en_us/universal-batteries May 12, 2020 at 05:29AM mophie

Why Won’t My Car Start?

Outsmart Your Car With Humble & Rogue | If you’re trying to figure out why your car won’t start, the answer could have something to do with your remote key fob. Humble & Rogue explain why. Want more great car tips? Follow Interstate Batteries on social! Subscribe to Interstate Batteries on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/interstatebatteries Follow Interstate […]

Episode 3: The Connected Car

Outsmart Your Car With Humble & Rogue | Our top-notch mechanics walk us through how connected cars work and what makes a car “connected” in the first place. Plus, they give us tips on maintenance and troubleshooting issues. Want more great car tips? Follow Interstate Batteries on social! Subscribe to Interstate Batteries on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/interstatebatteries […]