Charleston – White Point Garden: Fort Sumter Memorial by wallyg

Confederate Defenders of Charleston, also known as the Fort Sumter Memorial or Fort Sumter Monument, created by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil and architectural firm Delano & Aldrich, was dedicated in the southeastern corner of White Point Garden on October 20, 1932. The 25-foot tall monument features an allegorical depiction of the Confederate defense of Charleston during the Civil War–a male figure representing the defending warrior, and a female figure representing the City of Charleston–atop an octagonal granite base set on a circular platform. On the base are scenes in relief of figures repairing the shattered walls of Fort Sumter with sand bags. Eleven stars on the lower base represent the eleven Confederate states.

White Point Garden, often incorrectly called White Point Gardens, is a 5.7 acre public park located at the southern tip of peninsular Charleston. Originally known as Oyster Point and later White Point because of the piles of sun-bleached oyster shells that would pile up at the water’s edge, it was first used as a public garden in 1837.
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