Dave Kirby by Rain Moth Gallery

Dave and Beryl Kirby…The Electrical Life
Written by D Morley, photo by Italo Vardaro
Dave was in the electrical section that kept planes flying from the Darwin base after Japan started bombing there in WW2. Near the end of the war, he and Beryl married and settled in Waikerie. Soon they had set up an electrical business in the town. In the early days, Dave did not have a car to get to repair jobs so he designed and built “The Flying Dutchman”. There was a sidecar to hold all the tools and it was powered by dry batteries and had to be charged each night. It was quite a talking point!
When television came to Waikerie, Dave realized that to get good reception, there would need to be high aerials, so he and some tradesmen constructed the towers and each morning Beryl would stay home to paint them with two coats of rust-proof paint and then go to work in the shop.
Dave and Beryl had a good business for 35 years until the area became too big, as Beryl says: ’We lost track of people. It was like another world. We couldn’t remember names.”
They had enjoyed working in the electrical trade, each with their own areas of control. When asked about what made theirs such a good partnership, Beryl replied, “tolerance is important. Anyway we never had time to argue we were always too busy!”
An extract from: “Conversations…history comes as a story.”
A project of the Rain Moth Gallery, Waikerie.

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