Gloucester Waterways Museum – Gloucester Docks – Level 1 – ‘Move It’ – model – Liverpool Lightearage Yard about 1935 by ell brown

At the Gloucester Waterways Museum at the Gloucester Docks.

Level 1 – ‘Move It’. This area of the museum is on the ground floor behind the reception and gift shop area. Think I also noticed a small cafe inside.

Mobile shots due to the low battery on my main camera.

Model – Liverpool Lightearage Yard about 1935

The Liverpool Lighterage Company used the boatyard beside the River Weaver at Northwich from around 1900 until 1972. Here their fleet of Mersey flats and Weaver steam ‘packets’ were repaired.

The yard was first established in 1876 by Samuel Bracegirdle and was at one time also leased to W. Pimblott.

Originally there were only three slipways with wheeled carriages onto which the boats were floated. Another slipway, carriage and winch were added to allow larger boats to be pulled out for repairs. All four winches were powered by the Foden engine which probably replaced an earlier, smaller engine.
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