Mt Washington Tent. A GREAT TENT for Moto Camping. by CameraGirlUSA

That’s what they call it. The driving need to get out and see new places and enjoy the journey. I have had Wanderlust all my life. I think some people are just born with it in their DNA. I am certain I stood twice in that line. So, I have been making my lists for packing up the Vespa and heading out of town this next weekend. Lists for me and for the Vespa…extra battery, extra sparkplug, spare fuses, tire pump kit, scooter repair tools , etc. All this is a solo-dry-run for the beachside camping I have planned for later this Spring. I am so lucky to have a husband that truly understands me and is OK with my need for solo adventures and personal growth time.
Life Is Good…Living Your Best Life Is Even Better!

PHOTO CREDIT: This photo was taken by Gigatent as a product promo photo. I am simply showcasing it here because I own this tent. I hope they don’t mind as I am signing the praises of their product. I will be using my tent for moto-camping adventures this 2014 Spring – Fall.
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