P9070630 Upper decoration, Old house door, Lobi People, Burkina Faso. by ann porteus, Sidewalk Tribal Gallery

This old house door from South of Bobo Dialasso in Burkina Faso is carved from very heavy and dense hardwood. It has an amazing original patina and is in excellent condition.
I am sorry – I am working alone at the moment and unable to lift it to photograph the reverse. It is also in very good condition and you are welcome to mail me if you are interested to see more images.
Measures 136 x 57cm
Lock measures 46x41cm

This gorgeous old house door from the Dogon in Mali has seen better days leaving the viewer to read its history and the door to show its age, wear and repairs.
See images for condition. I do not believe the wear detracts from the beauty or integrity of this piece.
Carved hardwood, iton staples and a few contemporary screws that we have used to hold the door together and support it for hanging.
Measures 170cm including hinge legs and 63cm wide excluding lock.
Lock 37 x 36cm

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Ann Porteus

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