47-366 Year4 The 350 Makes A Comeback by johngarghan

Take a photo every day in 2012 no restrictions no exceptions Back in October I reported the demise of my Flickr workhorse the Canon EOS 350 www.flickr.com/photos/johngarghan/6263928961/in/photostream and last week I thought I will give it one last try, I took it the Forresters Camera Repairs in Halesowen, As if by magic they changed the […]

modern cars by Robert Couse-Baker

We had to replace the battery of the Focus in a parking lot, which turned out to be slightly more complicated than expected. Everything is packaged tightly for maximum efficiency. You Tube tutorials on smart phones save the day with non-intuitive tricks and tips. #reconditioning #batteries car battery, #battery, rechargeable aa batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery […]