battery+speaker+psp+trike=…. by Trevor Manternach

this thing. Still have a few things left to finish on it (mounting speaker inside metal box better, securing box to trike, etc.) #reconditioning #batteries car battery, #battery, rechargeable aa batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, car batteries, nimh battery, battery doctor, battery reconditioning, battery repair, battery desulfator @BatteryReconditioningNew

Battery bay, Polaroid Land 104 by tobias feltus

I recently bought a Polaroid Land 104 packfilm camera, complete with case and flash, mainly because I wanted to shoot a few images using the whole frame of the film, rather than the 6×6 portion the Hasselblad 100 back exposes. Thus, after cleaning, I had to find a way to install a contemporary 3v battery. […]