Scheduled Maintenance for Long-Distance Drivers

Outsmart Your Car With Humble & Rogue | When you drive long distances, your car can rack up miles fast — making these scheduled maintenance checks all the more important. Humble & Rogue offer these quick checks. ————– Subscribe to Interstate Batteries on YouTube: Follow Interstate Batteries on Instagram: Like Interstate Batteries on […]

Interstate Batteries | Fresh Milk

Car having trouble starting? That engine making noise, AGAIN??? Might be time to get that battery checked. Just like It’s important to have fresh milk on hand, make sure you keep your car battery as fresh as it gets with Interstate Batteries. ———————— Want more fresh car tips? Follow Interstate Batteries on social! Subscribe to […]

Interstate Batteries | Fresh Cutz

Fresh Outfit ✔️ Fresh Kicks ✔️ Fresh Cutz ✔️ Fresh Battery ✔️ It’s important to stay fresh on the daily, but don’t let it stop at your looks. Your car needs love too! Keep your car battery fresh and clean with routine car battery checks. Just stop by your local Interstate Batteries dealer for a […]