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How EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Works?

The EZ Battery Reconditioning program outlines simple common sense steps to rejuvenating your battery. To start, one must safely remove their battery from the device and disconnect all power to the battery. Gloves and eye protection are a must, as well as making sure the environment you are working in is secure and dry.
The first step towards reconditioning a battery is cleaning the contacts, or terminals, on the battery. These positive and negative terminals over the years will build up residue that needs to be cleaned with steel wool or other abrasive brushes in order to maintain a good contact point. Without good contact voltage can be lacking or inconsistent with the result being decreased power in starting or running your car.
Ok so I have done this, what’s the next step?

For the next step, a cheap multimeter (sometimes called a volt-meter) and a hydrometer are required. A hydrometer is a device used for measuring the density of liquids. Due to lead-acid batteries containing fluid, it’s important to check the fluid density of the cell to ensure that the cell is performing correctly. A multimeter is a device used to check voltage readings from the battery. After undergoing the steps outlined in the ebook you will check the voltage to see if the battery is performing correctly. Both the multimeter and hydrometer can be obtained cheaply from online or home improvement stores.

The first step is checking the terminals to make sure the output is consistent with what your battery should read. Using the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide you will be able to then check each cell’s electrolyte level with a hydrometer to make sure each cell is performing adequately. It’s important to note at this point any concerns to each individual cell such as bulging and cracking, and the guide helpfully outlines what to look for. Safety is a must when measuring the cells so always wear your personal protective gear mentioned above during this process.

So what happens next?

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