Forklift Battery Cell Reconditioning-part1 – battery reconditioning course

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An Innovative Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning System is using Individual Cell Treatment method. Each 2volt cell is treated after checking its Reserve capacity .
A bad cell is screened by RC data from the computer record. Conventional Cell check was limited to its volt check or SG check by a hydrometer. Now each cell is checked and reconditioned to ensure its chargeable capacity before customer’s experience.
This innovative battery reconditioning system opens a new door to battery servicing industry.

Once we determine that this battery is available for reconditioning it’s time to add the china depot battery reconditioning chemicals. Battery reconditioning- battery companies pray you never see this revealing video. If it is determined that the battery is available for reconditioning, we now add some battery reconditioning chemicals. The battery reconditioning method is a revolutionary technology which has recently come into notice. The recondition battery guide! Just get access to ez batteries reconditioning sales page and click buy now… How to recondition your cordless tool battery yourself. Also i will share my secret battery reconditioning method too so you can recondition batteries at home…

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