Huawei Honor 9 Heating and Water Test

Is Huawei Honor 9 waterproof or water resistant? Will Huawei Honor 9 be damaged by high temperature? You will find answers in this video. And get new and original Replacement Parts for Huawei Honor 9 at if you need them.

I put Huawei Honor 9 in the water for 2 mins, and heat up the phone to 100 ℃ for 2 mins. I found that the Huawei Honor 9 can stand high weather temperature. The the temperature of Honor 9 reaches over 50℃, the functionality of the device will be limited. And when the temperatue is over 55℃, Honor 9 will shut down automatically.
Although the CPU temperature will go up to 50℃ after heating up, Honor 9 will cool down quickly.

In water test part, I found Huawei Honor 9 is not water resistant. Huawei Honor 9 is IPX3 rated which is basic splashproof level. In the test, water damages the loudspeaker and touch screen and even the display of Honor 9. So, if your honor 9 drop into water, put it out as soon as possible. Water can slip into the phone though loudspeaker and ruin everything.

Notice : don’t try heating up your Huawei Honor 9 and don’t put your Huawei Honor 9 in water.

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August 1, 2017 at 02:11AM
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