OnePlus 3T Motherboard Flex Cable Repair Guide

This video shows you how to replace the motherboard connecting flex cable of OnePlus 3T.
Get new motherboard connector flex of OnePlus 3T from .
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If the motherboard connecting flex cable got broken,
OnePlus 3T can not be charged;
OnePlus 3T can not connect to laptop;
OnePlus 3T lower loudspeaker can not work;
OnePlus 3T can not vibrate.

1. Opening tool – ;
2. T2 Torx screwdriver – ;
3. Phillips screwdriver – ;

Step1 Open the back cover;
Step2 Remove the broken motherboard connector flex cable;
Step3 Install a new flex cable;
Step4 Recover the phone.

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June 21, 2017 at 02:30AM
Wit Rigs

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